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Professional Development

For School Districts

Tailored Development Solutions

Ongoing professional development plays a critical role in fostering growth and enhancing instructional practices. Our comprehensive professional development services are designed to address the unique needs of school districts, ensuring impactful learning experiences for all personnel.

Customized Training Approach

  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Strategic Support: Developing and delivering specialized training on the MTSS aligned with the district’s strategic support plan.
  • Needs-Based Development: Offering customized professional development services tailored to the identified needs of school site personnel, derived from feedback obtained from NAEP personnel.


Flexible Delivery Formats

  • Virtual and In-Person Modules: Crafting modules that can be delivered virtually, in-person, or through a hybrid model, accommodating diverse learning preferences and accessibility.


Comprehensive Support Cycle

  • Targeted Development Plans: Collaboration to create targeted professional development plans aligned with specific goals and needs.
  • Direct Instructional Support: Providing direct support to instructional staff post-training to ensure seamless implementation of the topics covered.
  • Interactive Learning Experiences: Offering interactive and hands-on learning experiences for all participants, maximizing engagement and retention.

Resource-Rich Trainings

  • Full-Service Approach: Delivering full-service professional development sessions equipped with presentations, resources, hands-on materials and actionable takeaways for immediate implementation.


Enabling Immediate Impact

Our commitment is not just to provide training but to ensure that it translates into tangible improvements in instructional practices, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

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