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Governing Board Training

For Charter Schools

“From the onset, NAEP worked swiftly and aggressively while maintaining open and precise lines of communication with the Governing Board. Their work ethic and perseverance, reflected in their 24/7 availability and high level of accomplishments in just one year with the school is what made them a standout partner for our charter board.”

Go Beyond Certificates and Compliance

Governing Board Member training certificates and compliance courses are only the beginning. So what’s next? 

  • A clear vision for your Charter School(s) and how they are different that comes to life beyond the pages of the charter application 
  • Well-defined and precise protocols for the “arm’s length” interactions between your board and the school’s leadership team and safeguards to protect those protocols 
  • A strategic plan that connects the vision established by the board and the charter application and the operational steps and project management framework that will bring those goals to life 
  • Clear guidelines for board member meetings and interactions to keep things moving swiftly, professionally, and productively. 

What can NAEP do for your Charter Board?

  1. State Compliance Audits – Our seasoned team specializes in conducting comprehensive state compliance audits tailored to charter schools across the country, including Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, California, Michigan, and more. Leveraging decades of experience navigating intricate state guidelines, we meticulously review your school’s policies, procedures, and practices. Our in-depth assessments not only ensure compliance but also identify opportunities for enhancement, positioning your charter school as a paragon of regulatory adherence.


  2. Strategic Vision Alignment Workshops – Propel your charter school toward success with our exclusive Strategic Vision Alignment Workshops. Let NAEP  facilitate engaging sessions to harmonize your governing board’s vision and the goals of a charter school application with a single school’s or all schools’ operational strategies including aligning goals to the management of fiscal and human capital resources. By aligning your goals and aspirations, our workshops foster a cohesive and focused approach, leading to sustained productivity and a purpose-driven educational environment.


  3. Governing Board Procedure and Protocol Training – Modern Charter Boards consist of talented, accomplished individuals but not necessarily those experienced in board protocols. These procedures are critical to facilitating productive, professional, and outcome-driven board member interactions and meetings. NAEP can help you establish key processes that align to state guidelines, Robert’s Rules of Order, and other procedures that protect the integrity of your board and ensure each moment is utilized wisely to improve outcomes for the school and its community.


  4. Customized Training Programs –  Elevate your charter school’s performance through our bespoke Board Training programs, honed over years of educational consulting expertise. Our tailored sessions cover a spectrum of topics, including governance best practices, regulatory compliance, and effective leadership strategies. Equip your governing board with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate challenges confidently and lead your charter school toward sustained success.


  5. Community Engagement Initiatives – Harness the power of community support with our innovative engagement initiatives. Backed by a proven track record and experience spanning the country, we guide your governing board in developing strategies to foster community relationships and enhance stakeholder involvement. By aligning your school’s vision with community values, our initiatives create a robust foundation for sustained success, ensuring your charter school remains a beacon of excellence in education.

“NAEP did an exemplary job working with the Governing Board to not only create a vision and mission around wellness and mindfulness that the school’s community really needed, their work to put together the Charter Application and a powerful instructional program was quite impressive.”

School Rebranding

New or Governing Board Establishment/Re-Establishment

As a key element of its charter school support service mix, NAEP is able to re-brand or enhance the brand for charter schools and their Governing Boards. Rebranding is done only in deep collaboration with the Governing Board and continent upon whether there is a need for the school to re-establish its image or reputation within its community. To determine whether rebranding, or any element thereof, is necessary for a charter school, NAEP will conduct a deep needs assessment of the school including instructional and operational process analysis, internal stakeholder (e.g. teachers, school staff) and external stakeholder (e.g. parents, community members). Upon an in-depth synthesis of the various garnered perspectives, NAEP will collaborate with the Governing Board to make the final decision to rebrand the school and/or Governing Board potentially.

NAEP has significant experience with re-branding schools that may need a new image or public relations approach. Upon request and collaboration with a current charter school Governing Board, NAEP is also able to recommend a corresponding new Governing Board complete with the processes and protocols required by national and state charter school legislation. As part o the school rebranding and or renaming process, NAEP may coordinate the following procedures (other rebranding services available upon request):

  • Rebranding of all documents and organizational forms using the newly agreed upon logo and branding imagery.
  • Create a new social media and brand awareness campaign, including a new website, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital and print public relations forums.
  • Create a building rebranding campaign, including signage both within and externally for the school building.

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