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NAEP Empowering Families

Through Education

At NAEP, we understand the pivotal role parents play in their children’s academic success and overall development. Our Parent Academy is designed to equip parents with the knowledge, resources and skills they need to become effective partners in their student’s education.

Our Mission: Fostering Collaborative Learning Environments

At the heart of the Parent Academy is our commitment to fostering collaborative learning environments where parents and educators work hand-in-hand to create a supportive and enriching educational experience for students. When parents are well-informed and engaged, they contribute significantly to their children’s success. Whether face-to-face or virtual, National Academic Educational Partners believes that we are forever learning in the world of education.

Key Features

Of the Parent Academy

Workshops and Seminars Access: a series of interactive workshops and seminars conducted by our NAEP educational professionals, covering a wide range of topics such as effective communication with teachers, understanding curriculum changes, reviewing data and fostering a positive learning environment at home to help students succeed.

Webinars and Q&A Sessions: Participate in live webinars and Q&A sessions with our NAEP educational professionals. These sessions provide a platform for parents to interact directly with experts, gaining insights into educational trends, learning methodologies and strategies to support their student’s academic growth.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration Initiatives: Discover initiatives that promote strong collaboration between parents and teachers. We believe in creating a seamless flow of communication, ensuring that parents are actively involved in their child’s academic progress.

Enriching your child’s educational journey starts with being an informed and engaged parent. National Academic Educational Partners’ Parent Academy is a fantastic part of providing individuals with the tools and knowledge to impact your student’s education positively. We can create a learning environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth and lifelong success.

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