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About NAEP

Accelerating Education, Together


Founded in 2010, National Academic Educational Partners, Inc. (NAEP), a minority-owned business, has earned widespread acclaim in the field of education for delivering tailored solutions. Our expertise spans various areas, including Charter Management, Educational Management, Leadership Development, Teacher Support, Curriculum, Assessment Practices, School Transformation and Cultural Responsiveness Training. Notably, NAEP is committed to ensuring that schools and school districts nationwide are effective by design, not by chance.

With a philosophy rooted in providing actionable educational solutions, NAEP has become one of the nation’s fastest-growing and preferred educational solution firms. Our clientele, past and present, includes institutions such as Victory Charter School, Clark County School District, Milwaukee Public Schools, and others. NAEP’s services are built on the latest research-based and field-proven educational support strategies, incorporating initiatives like Mass Insight’s “Turnaround Challenge” and Bambrick-Santoyo’s work in Leverage Leadership.

NAEP’s leadership, instructional and Educational Management Organization (EMO) services are designed to bring about systemic change and a paradigm shift. We prioritize collaboration among stakeholders, commitment, cohesive and customize school improvement actions. Drawing from extensive experience, NAEP’s support team adds value through leadership and teacher development efforts, striking a balance between theory and practical, job-embedded approaches to enhance classroom experiences.

The unique combination of a passion for educational reform and deep practitioner experience distinguishes NAEP as a partner that not only understands the challenges but also provides timely solutions. Our mission is to offer high-quality, effective, sustainable, and data-driven solutions to teachers, educational leaders, Governing Board members and other stakeholders in the educational system. In pursuit of equal learning opportunities for all students, NAEP stands as a dedicated force for positive change in education.

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