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Implementing Results


NAEP Gets R.E.S.U.L.T.S.

NAEP’s Global Education Transformation System (G.E.T.S.) is a comprehensive school improvement model that transforms the way teaching and learning take place.  

It is designed specifically to strengthen, develop, and sustain academic and organizational improvement to the high degree required to accelerate student academic outcomes. G.E.T.S. R.E.S.U.L.T.S. is a seven-element, data-driven process that targets how learning takes place inside and outside of the classroom. 

At every level, the system takes a diagnostic and prescriptive approach to teaching that reveals teacher competencies via data visualization designed to allocate support to teacher and educational leader learning. 

 The targeted results help participants accelerate their professional development in a way that brings rapid improvement in their classroom effectiveness and results. 

The White Paper and Pen Approach

Despite the desire for a one size fits all solution, deep down we all know that the cookie cutter solution doesn’t meet the grade. Whether due to time constraints or a lack of available resources, educators often have little choice but to resort to yesterday’s solutions or methods that were designed for a school environment different from their own. This is why NAEP uses the “white paper and pen” approach. 

Whatever your viewpoint, most can agree that each school and classroom situation is unique, and despite the desire to solve the problem quickly and inexpensively, there are intensive challenges that require equally intensive solutions.

Why settle for less when presented with a solution that guarantees both immediate and lasting results?

  • Educational Challenges:
    • Fads and fixes in education are temporary
    • Short-term reactive tactics don’t provide lasting solutions
    • No single silver bullet solution exists
  • Sticking Plaster Approach:
    • Quick fixes may temporarily fill gaps but often demoralize teachers
    • Policy makers struggle to find answers
    • Gaps in children’s education persist and widen

We want to help you change all that.

  • NAEP’s Unique Approach:
    • Partners with school districts and educators for a different approach
    • Focuses on addressing root causes, strengthening foundations for lasting change
    • Customizes solutions by combining past experiences with research and best practices
  • NAEP’s Evidence of Effectiveness:
    • Offers evidence of how experience aligns with district needs
    • Aims for comprehensive and effective results, not limited to one area

True Collaboration

The Key Factor For Success

It's no secret...

  • Challenges of Dictating Policies:
    • Dictating policies without consultation leads to resistance and distrust
    • Hinders teacher and leader morale, performance and student growth goals
  • Resistance to Change:
    • People resist change due to habits
    • Sticking with familiar habits, even if not productive
  • Need for a Radical Approach:
    • Supporting school and student performance requires a radical approach
    • Acknowledgment that a change in approach is essential

Based on experience, NAEP recognizes that collaboration is the key factor for success.

By working on the ground, and applying our supports respectfully, every school becomes a partner in their own growth and support plan by cooperating to develop, take ownership of and implement their own solutions.

NAEP as a Change Catalyst:

  • Proudly catalysts and guides change
  • Integral role in creating sustainable momentum for continual growth
  • Unlike ‘one size fits all,’ we mentor and support schools from start to finish
  • Focus on developing capacity for schools to apply solutions.


The Objective

The goal is to empower the client to sustain progress independently after the completion of our support program.

Districts aim to wisely invest time and money in developing school leaders and enhancing educator effectiveness for optimal student outcomes. Past interventions often falter due to lack of support and alignment with precise school and student needs. We ensure a solid return on investment by integrating a strategic handover process, empowering leaders and educators to confidently implement new strategies even after our support ends. Our sustainability process is ingrained from day one, whether in a three-year turnaround or a shorter project.

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