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Welcome to NAEP!

We collaborate with educators to eliminate underachievement, fostering student-centered institutions and achieving high standards in all schools.

The One and ONLY Organization that both Assists Schools with Transformative Processes AND Actively provides Academic Leadership Services as well as Academic Services. Check us out:

Overal Increase
4 %

There was a 21% overall increase on the Statewide assessment for our 13 Florida Charter Schools!

States NAEP has worked in

Since April 2010, our expertise has spanned state boundaries and U.S Territories.

Grant Applicable Services

NAEP’s training and support services are eligible for funding by a myriad of state and federal grants.

English Proficiency Gain
0 %

There was a 10% overall gain in English Proficiency by our English Language Learner Students.

Students Supported by NAEP
6 100

How many students’ we have been fortunate to play a part in their life throughout our 14 years in existence.

Educational Institutions

We have helped over 168 schools transform and redefine their definition of success through their partnership with NAEP!

Of Administrators
25 %
97% of  St. Croix School District Administrators felt that NAEP’s instructional leadership development process empowered them better to lead the implementation of Common Core State Standards.
Teachers Supported by NAEP
7 0

This is an approximate amount of the number of teachers that have been supported and developed by NAEP.

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We Are NAEP!

We Get R.E.S.U.L.T.S.

  • NAEP’s Management Approach:
    • Uses off-site guidance and on-site support
    • Plans, designs, implements, and monitors R.E.S.U.L.T.S. model
    • Emphasizes effective school operations metrics
  • Educational Support Background:
    • NAEP originated as an educational support and training company
    • Rooted in quality instruction and meaningful educational leadership
  • Charter Management Operator (CMO):
    • NAEP’s DNA is founded in educational support and training
    • Prioritizes quality instruction and educational leadership

Led By Experts

Our Executive Team


Jeffrey Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer


Jeffrey has a successful track record of turning around low-performing schools and improving the quality of teaching and learning at every stage of his 25+ year career as an educator.


Artur Glants

Chief Operating Officer


As NAEP’s Chief Operating Officer, Artur Glants is an integral part of the strategic and operational leadership of the firm, and serves as the designee for the Chief Executive Officer.


Jazmin Burgos

Chief of School Operations


Jazmin Burgos is an esteemed education professional with a career spanning over a decade. Jazmin has demonstrated a strong commitment to educational excellence and leadership.


Andrea Adkins

Chief of Human Resources


Andrea Adkins is a multi-facade professional who prides herself on operational excellence and employee relations. She leverages ten years of experience to contribute strategic insights and operational excellence.


Tina Childers

Chief Academic Officer


Tina Childers began her career as an accountant, but quickly realized her passion laid in Education--specifically teaching Mathematics to students of all ages. 


Marissa Gracia

Chief of District and School Services


Marissa Gracia began her career in education in 2005. During her career, she worked various levels within the school system, starting as an elementary teacher.


Mark Viera

Exec Director of School Operations


Mark Viera is a distinguished educational leader passionate about fostering academic excellence and operational efficiency within education. 


Wilhelm Lapica

Exec Director of Innovation


Wilhelm Lapica graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. He began his career in education as a High School History teacher.


Kiarra Julien

Chief Marketing Officer


Kiarra Julien is a seasoned expert with 10 years in social media & digital marketing. She has a deep understanding of the marketing & business aspects of brand development.

Our Beliefs

Change Starts With You

There is a problem!

The current education system is widely recognized as failing, with one in nine high school graduates performing at a 5th-grade level. Despite awareness among educators, the problem persists, and blame has been shifted over decades, highlighting the complexity of the issue.

Our systems and strategies have proudly achieved significant and lasting improvements in student test results and adult behaviors in schools nationwide.

We believe that access to a good education should not be a lottery ticket.

Learn how we helped Transform 500+ Schools from "F" to "B+" & Above

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