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Charter School Academic Services

Service Provided by NAEP

Coaching Modules

Empower teachers with comprehensive coaching cycles covering various crucial topics such as:

  • Differentiated Instruction: Tailoring teaching methods to diverse student needs based on data insights
  • Engaging All Learners: Effectively conducting small group instruction while ensuring engagement across the classroom.
  • Assessment Techniques: Diversifying assessment methods to capture a comprehensive view of student learning.
  • Checks for Understanding: Implementing strategies to continuously assess students’ mastery of content within lessons.

Coaching Academy Modules

These modules are aimed at fostering a culture of collaboration, feedback, and continuous improvement among educators, ultimately enhancing teaching quality and student learning outcomes. Training instructional coaches throughout this academy focuses on cutting-edge techniques and practices including:

Coaching Philosophy
  • Coaching Philosophy: Crafting a personalized coaching approach and fostering meaningful coaching relationships.
    • Professional Growth Goals: Developing targeted coaching practices aligned with professional goals.
    • Collaborative Leadership: Partnering with school site leaders to enhance classroom instructional practices.
    • Observation and Feedback: Mastering observation techniques and providing constructive feedback to teachers.
    • Data Analysis: Utilizing data insights to inform coaching strategies and conducting productive data discussions.
    • Coaching Toolbox: Equipping coaches with a diverse set of tools and methodologies for effective coaching.
    • Collaborative Planning Sessions: Engage in collaborative sessions where educators come together to plan and refine instructional strategies, fostering a cohesive and comprehensive approach to teaching.
Cutting-Edge Techniques
  • Reflective Planning Sessions: Facilitative reflective sessions aimed at analyzing teaching methodologies, learning outcomes, and student engagement to continuously improve instructional practices. 
  • Actionable Feedback on Lesson Design: Offer targeted and actionable feedback to educators on their lesson plans, ensuring alignment with pedagogical goals and student needs.
Cutting-Edge Practices
  • Differentiation Among Coaching Practices: Distinguish between various instructional methodologies:
    • Instructional Rounds: Collaborative observations focused on specific instructional practices across classrooms.
    • Model Lessons: Demonstration lessons showcasing exemplary teaching methods.
    • Lesson Study Process: Collaborative, research-based methodology for planning, teaching, and evaluating lessons.
  • Culture of Real-Time Feedback: Cultivate an environment that encourages and values immediate, constructive feedback among educators, promoting continuous improvement in teaching strategies.
  • Prescriptive Coaching Cycles: Design and implement personalized coaching cycles tailored to address specific instructional needs, ensuring targeted support for individual educators or teams.

Tailored Support

We understand the unique challenges faced by school site leadership teams. Our coaching is personalized, addressing specific needs and objectives to foster growth and success. Pathways to success include:

Direct Coaching for School Site Leadership Teams

We recognize the pivotal role school site leaders play in shaping educational environments. Our specialized service offers direct coaching tailored for school site leaders, aimed at enhancing the leadership capabilities and driving positive change within their institutions. 

Our direct coaching sessions for school site leaders encompass:

  • Leadership Development: Guiding leaders in refining their leadership styles and strategies.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Providing tools to make informed decisions that positively impact teaching and learning.
  • Team Empowerment: Equipping leaders with skills to build cohesive and motivated teams.
  • Communication Mastery: Enhancing communication skills vital for effective leadership.

Instructional Planning and Support

  • Instructional Frameworks: Crafting comprehensive plans outlining instructional strategies, pacing guides, and sequences.
  • Data-Driven Planning: Analyzing data to inform strategic instructional planning aligned with student needs.
  • Collaboration with District Leaders: Working closely with district leaders to design intervention protocols, tutoring programs, and summer learning initiatives.


Impactful Leadership, Transformed Schools

Our goal is to empower school site leadership teams to create thriving educational communities that foster excellence in teaching and student achievement. By investing in the development of leaders, we aim to create lasting, positive impacts within schools and beyond.


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